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Phyllis from California - AIM participant since October 2008
Testimonial provided December 2010

Phyllis describes how AIM has helped her grow and gain prosperity as well as help her to stabilize her hormones and keep her thyroid medication at consistent levels.
Tags: Auto-immune problem; Growth; Hormone levels; Prosperity; Thyroid; Well-being;

I had my first assessment with Stephen in 2007. I was amazed at the information he shared with me, through his process of using my photograph. I had read his book and was completely captivated by the story, and the discovery process of The AIM spiritual technology.

Since I have been on The AIM Program, I have experienced tremendous growth, prosperity and well-being in many area of my life. Perhaps you can say it is coincidence. One thing stands out to me that does not resonate as a coincidence. I have struggled with an auto immune thyroid disorder for many years. I have a great physician who marries western and non-western treatments. Even so, my hormone levels would shift every four to six weeks, sometimes dramatically. My dosage of medication would have to be adjusted as well. It was not unusual for me to have a blood test every three weeks and see my doctor following that. This went on for nearly four years.

The exact month I started on The AIM Program, my hormone levels stabilized and my dosage of thyroid supplement remained the same as the previous month. It has been the same since the time I went on The AIM Program, which has now been one year. Now I visit my doctor every four months, rather than every four weeks. I cannot attribute this stabilization to anything other than The AIM Program. It is the only variable in my situation that changed. I will always be on The AIM Program. I have put my family on the program as well.

This technology is for now and for the future. We should all look at this uncovering of it as a blessing and an opportunity to cope more effectively with the dramatic changes in our world... and hence our bodies.

Love and light,
Phyllis King

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