Patti Middleton
Independent Facilitator for EMC²
(608) 495-2474
Thank you for coming to my website. I started on the AIM Program September 2000. I became an official Independent EMC2 facilitator for the AIM Program in July 2001.

Ive been meditating since 1975 and on the alternative health path since 1980. You name it I have probably tried it. Nothing has affected and improved my life as positively as the AIM Program. I am happier, healthier, more confident, and my connection to guidance has greatly improved. I'm a better me in everyway.

I used to get 3-4 colds a year, which no longer happens. I never liked exercising. Now I want to exercise. My outlook on life is more positive. These are only a few of the many improvements I believe I am enjoying because of the AIM Program. After my first year on AIM my friends noticed enough difference in me that most of them are now on the AIM Program.

I facilitate people locally (Colorado), nationally and internationally. I will never attempt to talk you into participating in the AIM Program. I will explain the AIM Program and you will know intuitively whether or not its the right time for you to participate. I define the AIM Program as cleaning our internal house spiritually which manifests itself physically, emotionally and mentally. I believe the AIM Program helps you be the best you can be. I love talking about AIM so you may email or call knowing you will not be pressured into participating. I work out of my home which allows me to answer calls 7 days a week.

Love and Blessings!
Patti Middleton

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