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Lynda from Colorado - AIM participant since October 2006

I just have to tell you some wonderful things about Alex since he has been on The AIM Program.
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I just have to tell you a some wonderful things about Alex since he has been on The AIM Program.

He has been playing soccer this year on a unified team through school. This is the first year that he has been on a team and been able to actually participate at all. He has been able to gain control of himself much faster after something negative happens, like someone stealing the ball from him or he fell and skinned his knee real bad but went back into the game.

After the last soccer game there was a celebration which was in a very crowded and loud room. Last year, there is no way Alex would have gone into such a room. This year, with the help of AIM and self healing, my son not only went but he stayed the entire hour.

Alex ate pizza and had a great time. When it was time for him to receive his award, he had to go up in front of everyone to pick it up. Alex was able to tell everyone that he had scored 5 goals and everyone was able to understand him. This would not have happened last year. It was such an awesome moment, he was so proud of himself and his dad and I were so proud of him.

The only thing different this year is that he is on less medications and he is on The AIM Program. I know that Alex is self healing thanks to AIM. What a difference it has made in his Life! Please pass on my gratitude to all involved.

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