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Denise from Nevada - AIM participant since June 2005
Testimonial provided October 2006

Denise has more energy, more self-confidence; she is happier and after only wanting to be alone, she is now engaged. "Everything is more than OK now, its great!"
Tags: Energy; Gratitude; Happiness; Relationship; Self-confidence; Severe Depression; Sleep; Tiredness;

I have always had the mind set that "everything will be ok", and really its always been true. I've always been ok. Through my divorce, my son's diagnosis of autism, my step-father's death, a car accident, surgery on my back and loosing my job, I stayed strong and I was ok. Except...

I decided I wanted to be alone. I would come home from work & watch TV in my pajamas every night. I would only eat once a day (and didn't take any vitamins). My back was so stiff every morning that I had to stretch for 20 minutes just to be able to walk. After 9 hours of sleep at night I was still so tired that I'd have a triple espresso every morning. I've always been very laid-back, but it got to the extreme that I would let people walk all over me just to avoid confrontation.

I started The AIM Program. It took a few months for me to realize everything that had been right in front of me for quite some time.

Now, for the first time in my life, I have a job that I actually, truly enjoy! I realized that money is not everything. Being happy is more important. I have learned how to budget. I can sleep 7 hours at night and I feel fine. I can get right out of bed with minimal stretching. I still like espresso, so I switched to decaf and I enjoy it with the morning sun. I stand up for myself now too! I enjoy spending time with my friends. I got my son into a better school. I eat regular meals (and take my vitamins). I am now engaged to a wonderful man. I feel very blessed to have all that I have, and to do all that I do. Everything is more than OK now, its great!

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