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Colter & Lathe from South Dakota - AIM participant since March 2004

Self-healing their autism with the AIM Program, Colter and Lathe have demonstrated drastic improvements in academic, emotional, social and personal development.
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Colter was recently re-evaluated for his diagnosis of Autism, which brought many good results of Colter's academic, social and personal progress. Every three years it is required by the Federal/State government to re-evaluate his condition and re-qualification for receipt of monies granted to the school district for his education. Academically he is extremely aware of doing his very best and is excelling in his reading/vocabulary skills. Socially he is progressing with greater awareness of his homeroom peers and interacting with them in greater capacities. Board games and puzzle games are a weekly activity as well as community based activities and he is performing extremely well. Personally, his development is a 180-degree turnaround from even a year ago. Tantrums are minimal to none, with his cooperation being at an all time high for him. He is easy to take into public and his behavior is that of an a-typical child.

Lathe continues to shine academically at school and receives rave reviews from teachers, office personnel and assistants at his gentle demeanor. He is excelling in his reading/vocabulary skills and is progressing at a pace that keeps his teacher on the lookout for new material. Lathe struggles with tantrums and bad behavior at home with me on occasion. They certainly aren't to the degree that they used to be even a year ago, but nevertheless just as disturbing. Their health has been exceptionally well. Generally speaking I see great strides in their health and development.

Once again, I am grateful and thankful to EMC² for the miraculous improvements on my two sons. They are simply not the same as they were before the opportunity for self-healing through The AIM Program.

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