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Matt from Indiana - AIM participant since January 2004
Testimonial provided October 2006

"...healthier, stronger... have more energy than ever" "In the last year, I have not been sick once..." "I wake up most days rested, energized, and excited about the day..." I have been able to easily quit drinking alcohol..." And much more.
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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you the benefits of self-healing that I believe are the results of energetic balancing through The AIM Program. I have noticed very real and tangible physical, intellectual, and spiritual results.

Physically, I am healthier, stronger, and have more energy now than I ever have before. In the last year, I have not been sick once, not even a cold. I wake up most days feeling rested, energized, and excited about the day. One reason why I feel so energized is that I have been able to easily quit drinking alcohol after being on The AIM Energetic Balancing Program for about 6 months. It did not feel like I was giving up anything. I feel more relaxed, balanced and peaceful each day. I believe this balanced state of awareness is highly correlated with The AIM Energetic Balancing Program and the deeper meditations I have experienced since being on AIM.

The most tangible physical difference I notice is that I have been able to self-heal a shoulder injury. Two years ago, I injured my shoulder while tubing on a lake. I went to a doctor who told me that surgery was optional, but recommended surgery. Rehab would have consisted of 6 months of physical therapy. He told me that if I decided not to get surgery, my shoulder would come easily in and out of my socket for the rest of my life and I would not have full range of motion. I decided not to get surgery. Since being on The AIM Energetic Balancing Program, I have regained full range of motion in my shoulder, I experience no pain, and my shoulder does not come out of socket. I feel confident that The AIM Energetic Balancing Program has helped me heal my shoulder injury and it will no longer be a concern for me.

Intellectually, my creative and lateral thinking abilities have improved tremendously since being on The AIM Energetic Balancing Program. I just completed my first year of law school and was able to handle the rigors of studying with joy and relative ease. Additionally, my creative abilities have increased. For example, I recently wrote and published my first novel, The Bottom Line.

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