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About the Founder Calls

Stephen Lewis
Roberta Hladek
Evan Slawson
Developer of the AIM Program,
co-author of Sanctuary - Bio
Jennifer in Sanctuary - Bio
Co-author & narrator
of Sanctuary - Bio
EMC² is committed to assisting in your understanding of the AIM Program, consciousness, self-responsibility and self-healing, and, hence, your AIM Program experience. One way to fulfill this commitment is through connecting with you through conference calls with the EMC² Founders, time that can both widen your perspectives and provide the opportunity for your interaction directly with them.

Below are the calls for the current year and reminders of upcoming calls, followed by links to archives of calls from previous years. Calls are approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

Founder calls are currently held 4 times a year, on the 3rd Wednesday of the months of February, May, August and November. Jump to all upcoming calls.

Please join us at 5 PM Pacific, 6 PM Mountain, 7 PM Central and 8 PM Eastern on the upcoming dates below (4 times per year) by dialing 712-775-8972, then entering conference code 252700. We always allow time for listener questions and comments during the last portion of the call.

If you have questions of a personal nature related to your AIM Program, please direct those to your Facilitator.


February 16
EMC² Founder Call with Evan Slawson
Breaking out of karma jail
We all get stuck in our patterns. We've learned from our mistakes and can repeat each one exactly. These patterns go back for time immemorial. The AIM Program is based on principles that help break those patterns at the most fundamental level. Predictable patterns are non-productive. Find out why AIM Energetic Balancing helps you get yourself out of the rut.
57 minutes
Resources mentioned in the call:
May 18
Most recent call:
EMC² Founder Call with Roberta Hladek
AIM in 30 (minutes)
Shorter call, long on program updates and insights into energetic evaluations and your role in all of this.
29 minutes
September 21
Upcoming call:
EMC² Founder Call with Evan Slawson
23+ years since launching, and tens of thousands of participants later, it's hard to believe that more people haven't heard about the 24/7, self-healing support miracle we call the AIM Program. And many of those who have heard, including some 10 or 20+ year AIM veterans, are unaware of some major aspects and benefits.

Join us for a bit of critical history, ongoing advancements, current events and even some AIM stuff you likely haven't heard about.


February 17
EMC² Founder Call with Evan Slawson
Emergency Self-Rescue: AIM and more
These are trying times. Let's be our best to keep on keeping onward and upward. Here are some methods to turn survival into surthrival and techniques to shake off the darkness and embrace the light. Tune in so you can tune up.
70 minutes
Recommended reading/viewing (These are things mentioned in the talk. They are purely for your amusement. Consume or otherwise use this material at your own risk.):
May 19
EMC² Founder Call with Roberta Hladek
Helping AIM Help You
A major benefit of AIM is not having to go anywhere or do anything, or know anything, to utilize the thousands of 24/7 healing energies. Yet there are some simple yet powerful ways to more fully tap in to your self-healing potential on the trays, starting with joining us!
42 minutes
August 18
EMC² Founder Call with Evan Slawson
AIM Secrets

Follow-up on Evan's recent article AIM Secrets: The Ongoing Evolution of AIM. If you can, read the article (linked above) before this talk. Learn additional details about the effects of the latest evolution of AIM. For some people it mirrors the energetic effects of the earliest days of the AIM Program. Are you one? Find out this and more.
65 minutes
November 16
EMC² Founder Call with Roberta Hladek
Subject: 2021 - Another Year of AIM and You Strengthening Your Vibrational Core
Join us for program updates and impacts + empowerment tips and tools MP3 File


February 19
EMC² Founder Call with Evan Slawson
The media makes it sound like all you really need is a breathing mask to keep you safe. This Founder Call is about the big picture: What's happening and how to prepare against the biggest risks during any crisis.

The subject of this talk is being announced January 30, 2020, as fears of a crisis are rising. If it's still relevant on Feb 19, the talk will be very topical. If the crisis is over by then, we'll all have a good laugh about the risk of choosing a topical subject and we'll still learn a lot about how and why to prepare ourselves for the next big thing.

Listen for great prepper tips.
87 minutes
May 20
EMC² Founder Call with Roberta Hladek
AIM and YOU - Thriving Amidst Calm or Chaos
Regardless of how "normal" may outwardly be defined when we connect on May 20, this call is designed to further empower you to create your own new "normal". Understanding your role in everything and grasping the breadth of balancing energies available to you 24/7 on AIM can help you achieve higher levels of well-being and consciousness, positively impacting everyone and everything - the ultimate goals of AIM.
57 minutes
August 19
EMC² Founder Call with Evan Slawson
AIM Meditation 2: The Instant Connection
Time flows at varying speeds, at varying times and in different places. Today, regardless of where you are on this planet, you have probably noticed that time is moving so fast that your head is spinning. If you're on AIM, it's probably safe to say results are important to you. This talk starts with the debut and installation of a new meditation technique to build instant maximal connection to the AIM trays. It's quick to learn and even quicker to use. Once we've gotten that out of the way, we'll cover a few more tidbits and some Q&A too.
58 minutes
November 18
EMC² Founder Call with Roberta Hladek
2020 in Review (Whew!)
Common questions, "energetic" answers and the ever-increasing need for self-healing
54 minutes


February 20
EMC² Founder Call with Evan Slawson
Self-Healing and Staying Healthy with AIM
The world has changed since the AIM Program began. Our relationship to self-healing and manifesting wellness on the AIM Program has changed too. Tune in!
60 minutes
May 15
EMC² Founder Call with Roberta Hladek
Utilizing AIM
Am I really in charge? Can I improve or speed up my self-healing process? Join us to discuss these and other common questions about the mechanics of AIM.
68 minutes
August 21
EMC² Founder Call with Evan Slawson
Commitment and Healing
Connecting AIM to the rest of your life.
50 minutes
November 20
Most recent call:
EMC² Founder Call with Roberta Hladek
Q & A Time with Roberta
Join our discussion of recent questions and updates, plus plenty of time for "live" listener questions.
60 minutes

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Everything Is Energy Show - Podcast

EMC² did a weekly Everything is Energy Show for over 9 years, then went bi-monthly through August 2017. The calls largely recapped newly revealed, previously unknown imbalances, along with pertinent energetic observations and discussions of AIM concepts and benefits.

Beginning in September 2017, we made the decision to discontinue the calls as our weekly Newsletters always contain information on these frequencies, along with links to helpful AIM information and resources, as well as Founder Call and interview recordings.

You can, however, still access previous shows via, enter 1329 (the call ID) in the search bar on the top right.

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Founder Call Highlights - The top 20 calls

You can browse through our entire Call Archives, but the volume may be a bit overwhelming.

Below are what we consider to be the top 20 calls. These calls introduce you to what AIM is (and is not), deepen your understanding of the AIM Program database of balancing energies, and reinforce your leading role in your own healing process.

The list is in descending order by year.

Oct 19, 2016
1. Misconceptions and Realities of Healing with AIM
with Roberta Hladek

51 minutes

Feb 17, 2016
2. Beyond the Yucky Disease-Sounding Frequencies: Good Vibes via AIM
with Roberta Hladek

68 minutes

May 18, 2016
3. Congruence and AIM
with Evan Slawson

66 minutes

Apr 15, 2015
4. AIM and Other Healing Technologies
with Evan Slawson

60 minutes

Jul 15, 2015
5. Why Healing is the Only Real "Cure"
with Stephen Lewis

62 minutes

Nov 19, 2014
6. Why and How We Create Our Imbalances
with Evan Slawson

61 minutes

Feb 20, 2013
7. AIM Behind the Scenes: The AIM Trays
with Evan Slawson

79 minutes

Mar 20, 2013
8. The Most Significant Advancements in AIM since Sanctuary was Written, Part II
with Roberta Hladek

53 minutes

May 15. 2013
9. Aging (or not) from the EMC² Perspective
with Roberta Hladek

59 minutes

Jul 17, 2013
10. Vivid Dreams and Other More Subtle Signs of Healing with AIM
with Evan Slawson

75 minutes

Sep 18, 2013
11. The Blessings and Wisdom of Animals
with Roberta Hladek (featuring an animal communicator on AIM)

66 minutes

Nov 20, 2013
12. Mind + Body + Spirit: An Inseparable Trio
with Roberta Hladek

52 minutes

Mar 7, 2012
13. Special Rechecks Part III: What, Why and When
with Roberta Hladek

73 minutes

Apr 18, 2012
14. States of Imbalance
with Evan Slawson

64 minutes

Jun 20, 2012
15. Healing, Wholeness and Karma
with Evan Slawson

63 minutes

Aug 15, 2012
16. Everything But Humans on AIM
with Roberta Hladek

55 minutes

Sep 19, 2012
17. Healing Addictions with the Help of AIM
with Stephen Lewis

57 minutes

Jun 16, 2010
18. How Do I Know AIM is Working?
with Evan Slawson

59 minutes

Oct 6, 2010
19. The Tenets of EMC²
with Roberta Hladek

64 minutes

Nov 18, 2009
20. The Meaning of Vivid Dreams While Detoxing
with Evan Slawson

59 minutes

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