Recorded Call Line

Featuring Conference Calls with EMC² Founders Stephen Lewis, Evan Slawson and Roberta Hladek, and Dr. Wayne Dyer sharing his experience on The AIM Program in a 15 minute excerpt from his extraordinary tape series, There's A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.

Most calls are around 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.
Option 1 –
Be the First in the History of Your Family with no Family History, An Introduction to AIM with Roberta Hladek (Recorded October 2, 2012)
Option 2 –
Dr. Wayne Dyer - 15 minute excerpt on The AIM Program, from his tape series There’s A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem (Published in 2001)
Option 3 –
AIM Q&A with Stephen Lewis and AIM Participants (Recorded May 16, 2012)
Option 4 –
The Most Significant Advancements in AIM since Sanctuary was Written, Part II with Roberta Hladek (Recorded March 20, 2013)
Option 5 –
States of Imbalance with Evan Slawson (Recorded April 18, 2013)
Option 6 –
Aging (or not) from the EMC² Perspective with Roberta Hladek (recorded May 15, 2013)
Option 7 –
Healing Addictions with the Help of AIM with Stephen Lewis (Recorded September 19, 2012)
Option 8 –
14 Minute AIM Meditation with Evan Slawson
Option 9 –
Blessing Detox, Part II with Roberta Hladek (Recorded August 1, 2012)

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